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Since 1893, the name of E.J. Cady & Company has been synonymous with quality. Over the last 131 years, E.J. Cady & Company's research and design has met the need for more precise and dependable measuring instruments. Every micrometer produced by us today is a combination of modern technology, merged with the craftsmanship of experience.

We are a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of a full line of ASTM and TAPPI approved analog (dial) and digital micrometers for measuring thickness (flat stock only) of a wide range of products. These include, but are not limited to: corrugated, paperboard, fiberboard, printing blankets, paper, roofing material and various other products within the pulp and paper, packaging, lithographic/printing and newspaper industries. All our micrometers are “made to order”, based on client specifications – they are not “stock items.” E.J. Cady & Company micrometers are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois (USA).


If your need is precise, dependable gauging, an E.J. Cady & Company micrometer will give you the assurance that every measurement taken is a trusted read-out...peace of mind in today's fast paced world. The accuracy of our micrometers has been so widely accepted that many companies around the world are using our micrometers to standardize their quality control.

There is an old adage that you should use the right tool for a specific task. This is especially true in micrometer gaging, where .0001 of an inch/.001 of a millimeter can mean the difference between the production of a superior or inferior product.

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