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DWL Model


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Provide protection against damage caused from dropping, knocking over, or rough handling of your E.J. Cady & Company Bench-Style Micrometers.
The delayed action mechanism assures any operator of a constant anvil "strike" pressure each time the micrometer handle is released. The mechanism is so designed that even with rapid handle release, it is impossible to "slam" down the upper anvil upon any material between the two anvils. This eliminates any chance of crushing/flattening the material and receiving a false reading.
This feature is recommended to help eliminate the problem of casting deflection and potential operator error, which can occur with 12" and 18" throat micrometers. In addition, it provides uniform anvil pressure. The micrometer is foot activated. Unlike motorized units, it can be operated as quickly or as slowly as the operator chooses. With foot activation, both hands are free - a valuable feature when both hands are needed to handle cumbersome materials or when fast production gauging is required.
This simple cam action eliminates human operation whenever and wherever it is required. The motor reduces handle/lever damage often caused by untrained or inexperienced operators. It can be incorporated for use with most 4" and 7" throat depth analog, bench micrometers.

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The DWL Model is a lithographic, dead weight, analog, bench micrometer allowing measurements at the center, as well as the edges, of blankets and printing plates, while also eliminating human error from such measurements. This instrument can also be equipped with a delayed action mechanism to reduce the speed at which the upper anvil descends.

Standard Features Include:

  • 9/16" upper anvil
  • 5/8" lower anvil
  • Range: 0 - 1/2"
  • 7.2 p.s.i
  • Accuracy: +.0002" - .0003" and/or +.00508 mm - .00762 mm
4" Throat Model Shown

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